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Our club formed simply because 3 couples liked to meet for a drink at the local pub on a Sunday afternoon and we set a time of 4 o’clock so we didn’t miss each other.  For over a year after Founding on Sunday 25 March 2007 the S.A.D.C.A.T.S. met every Sunday at The Saxon Inn, Child Okeford, Dorset at 4pm or phoned the Landlord with their apologies. At that time a turnout of  83% or above was regularly achieved.  Sadly, attendance at our original meeting place dwindled. By 2011 some of us had moved, and while still meeting regularly, the venue had changed.  But like SIBA itself we have kept our original logo ~ Once a SADCAT, always a SADCAT!

So, our mission now is to meet whenever we can for a drink, continue to organise pub crawls, and report our exploits via The Tour Journals, with detailed reviews of the Pubs and Beers in our own Pub Directory.

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to keep in touch, organize more crawls and encourage like minded friends to join us along the way!

The  Founders


  Sunday 17 June 2007   Returning from our 1st little adventure, the
   "Truly Amazin' Tour" (Six Go Mad in Devon)
   we made it to the pub for 4pm and took a group
   photo for the Historical Records.











  Bob & Kath Rosenthal,  Tony & Wendy Addley,  Tony & Teresa Morris 


Members of SADCATS

Roger & Gwyneth Morris, Clive Davis, Mike Hayne, Warren Livermore, Mark & Rita Livermore, Andy & Liz Morris, Nick & Zöe Hoare, David Foster, Rhian Morris


CRAPS - Cowdale Real Ale & Pubs Society - The original drinking society that started it all.  Thanks Paul.

SD&WDS - Somerset Dorset & Wilts Drinking Society - The drinking society which gave birth to SADCATS.  See ‘History’ page.

5DRAMS - Dorset Real Ale Men - The 'son' of SD&WDS.  See ‘History’ page.

As such, all CRAPS, SD&WDS and 5DRAMS members were considered Honorary SADCATS until they ordered their 1st Shirt!  

Roll of Honorary Members

Paul Hathaway, Rod Wilmot, Angie Morris, Steve Jenner [Landlord of 3 Crowns]

Contact Information    
If you would like to contact us, leave Bob a message in the Guest Book and he'll respond when he gets back from the Pub or when the present Crawl has ended!  

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